Austin, Alex, Sarah | Short Story | Its All Coming Out. 

this was going to be a one-shot, but i didnt have time to finish it before i left for a holiday, so i decided to make it into a short story, so that i post a bit before i leave.

i hope you like it. 

let me know what you think.

Austin and Sarah were happy together, they loved each other, they were happy together, everyone thought so at least, and so did Austin, but its not how it seems. 

Austin is about to have his heart broken, by Sarah. She is about to go over to his house, and just confess. Confess everything she has done, and hope that he understands, but if he is like any other people in love when this stuff happens, he will be sad, angry, heartbroken and more.

Let me tell you where it all started, and what’s happened.

Its mid February in Texas, Sarah is with Austin, its been about 4 months since they started dating, Austin thought they were going strong, but Sarah didn’t, she wasn’t happy, its not like Austin wasn’t a great guy, he really was, but she just wasn’t happy with him. But she doesn’t want to break up with him cause she doesn’t want to break his heart.

One day Sarah is hanging out with Alex at his house, Austin is on holiday, and he has been for 2 weeks, its normally all three of them, but its just the two this time.

They are doing what the usually do, watch TV, or films, or eat a load of junk food, its always one of them.

Alex and Sarah are on the sofa watching a film. They are sitting close cause the sofa isnt the big, their thighs are nearly touching.

Sarah starts to fall asleep during the film, its one the Alex picked so she isnt the interested in in. normally when its a boys choice she fall asleep, so its not unusual. 

Alex is just watching the film when he feels something hitting his shoulder, he looks down and see’s Sarah’s head on his shoulder. He doesnt think anything of it cause when she does fall asleep she leans on Austin.

He carries on watching the film, but he stops once he feels something go across his stomach, he looks and its Sarah arm, she starts cuddling up to him. He starts to feel weird now, but at the same time he likes it.

“hmm you’re so comfy” he then hears Sarah mumble, he is shocked, he thought she was asleep.

“you’re awake”

Sarah looks up at him like he is dumb “yeah, this film isnt that boring that I would fall asleep” 

“oh sorry, its just I thought you were asleep cause you kind of…” he points at himself and her.

“kind of what?”

“cuddling me”

“do I have to be asleep to cuddle you?”

“well, I dont know, its just, you are dating Austin, isnt it a bit weird that you’re cuddling one of his best friends”

“well, he is on holiday, I just need a little comfort, its not a big deal is it” Sarah starts pulling away from Alex and sits up normally.

“no, well yeah, I dont know, it just doesnt feel right, he has been gone two weeks, its not that long”

“two weeks is long to me” Sarah starts leaning in a bit, like she is going to whisper something so Alex thinks nothing of it at first, but then he can feel her breath on his lips, he starts getting worried “does this feel weird to you..” Sarah whispers, and next thing Alex knows is he can feel Sarah’s lips on his, but he doesnt pull away, he actually kisses her back.

“wait what are you doing” he then says in panic, pulling away fast and standing up.

“uh, um, I dont know” Sarah stands up, actually looking guilty about it now, even thought she was the one that tried it on with him “uh I better go” she runs out the door. 

Alex sits back down on the couch, and thinks about what just happened. Sarah was cuddling with him, then she kissed him, yeah she hasnt been able to do that for two weeks, but it still wasnt right, the worst thing for Alex was, he kissed her back, and he liked it.

Was that so bad, of course it was, Sarah was his best friends girlfriend, he practically helped her cheat on him. He doesnt know what to do.

Sarah on the other hand, was running home, she felt bad about it, she just needed to feel loved, and cared for, she hadnt heard from Austin in two weeks, she just feel lonely, thats why she did it, it didnt mean anything anyway. Did it?

Sarah started thinking about, maybe more than she should have. Was it bad she did it, of course t was, did she like it, she actually did, she thought she shouldnt, I mean its Alex come on, but she cant. 

“its not that big a deal its just a kiss” she says to herself pacing her bedroom “it didnt mean anything, nothing at all” but she didnt believe what she was saying one bit.

- - - -

its two days later, Sarah is walking in the park, bored out of her mind, she likes to go for a walk once in while to clear her head. 

She has been thinking about the kiss since it has happens, she is trying to forget about it, but she just cant.

She sits down on the grass, and just looks at things around her. She hears someone come up behind her, turns to look, and instantly wishes she didnt go to the park.

“we need to talk” she hears the person say, still standing behind her.

“no we dont, lets just forget it”

“what is I cant forget it” Alex says sitting down next to her, looking at her

“well try” Sarah says looking away

“I have tried, but I dont want to forget it”

“what do you mean”

“well…uh…i….kind of…liked it”

“yeah I liked it too, but it meant nothing”

“it didnt feel like nothing to me”

“well it did, just forget about, dont know if you remember but I have a boyfriend”

“yeha I remember but you didnt the other day”

“it was a mistake, just shut up now”

“was it really a mistake though, do you really think that”

“yes, it was a mistake, now will you…”

Sarah is cut of by Alex smashing his lips into hers

“that, wasnt a mistake” Alex says leaning his head against hers “ I have wanted to do that since I met you”

“um, look I cant do this, im just going to go”

“okay, but before you do, look me in the eyes, and tell me it meant nothing” he says grabbing her hand so she cant leave

“uh, it m-meant, no…I cont” Sarah runs away.

Alex sits there watching her run away. Once she is out of sight, he grabs his phone, and starts a new text ‘if you cant say it, then it meant more than you think, dont deny it.’ he then clicks on Sarah’s name and sends the text. Then he starts a new text ‘im sorry man.’ and clicks on Austin’s name.

Alex lies down on the grass and sighs, his phone goes off, ‘I cant do this though, I cant hurt Austin’ he sighs, reading the text from Sarah, he starts typing back a reply ‘you been hurting me since the beginning of your relationship with him, and with your other ones with other guys too. Just so you know’ he hits send, instantly regretting it once he does.

His phone goes off straight away, he doesnt want to look at it, but he still does ‘about what?’ he sighs in relief that its not from Sarah, but then panics, he doesnt know what to tell Austin, before he sends a reply, he gets a new text, from Sarah ‘what do you mean? How have I been hurting you?’ god, she cant be that dumb can she, he thinks to himself.

He decides not to reply to Austin just yet. He replies to Sarah saying ‘I cant say it though text, its not right, I have to say it in person, even though you would hit me, if you want me to explain, meet me at the lake, I’ll explain there’ he hits send, waiting for a reply.

He starts getting up, walking to his car, hearing his phone go off, ‘okay, but this better be good. And dont tell Austin about the kisses.’ he sighs, how is he going to explain his feelings to a girl, who probably doesnt feel the same. It was a stupid idea, but he had to do it, he has wasted to much time, he at least has to tell her, to know what she says. But he feels bad, doing this to Austin, he still cant think of what to tell Alex, especially now that Sarah has warned him, if he did tell him what happened, he would ask Sarah and she would twist it around and make it all his fault, and Austin would believe her. He always does.

He heads off for the lake, shitting himself about what he is going to say.

Austin Mahone | One-Shot | Getting Caught - Part 2 

Part 2 of the One-Shot

this was meant to be a one shot but cause of the way I ended the other part, people wanted another part to see what Michele would do so here it is! There wont be another part after this though, sorry.

But check out my other fanfic, tweet me for link :)

What. The. Hell. Just. Happened. You’re frozen, just standing there, just looking at the door that Michele just exited. She saw you naked, not only that she heard that you and Austin had sex, and you thought it was him for a round two, she already doesnt like you, now whats she gonna think now.

You finish in the shower, and get changed into the spare clothes you brought for tomorrow, seen as you wouldnt be allowed to stay over now, you dont bother putting your PJ’s on. You walk downstairs slowly, scared of what Michele is going to say.

When you get to the kitchen, Michele and Austin are sitting at the table, no speaking, I guess they were waiting for you. You sit down next to Austin, who is opposite Michele, and dont say a word.

“well?” Michele says, you and Austin dont say anythign though, cause you dont know what to say “what have I told you two, NO SEX IN THIS HOUSE. Simple. I dont want to be a grandmother yet, and I know well enough you wouldnt want to be parents yet, at least tell me you were safe?” you just look at Austin and he looks at you.

“uh” is all Austin can say

“really, you didnt use protection, Austin I taught you better than that”

“i didnt have a condom though, and anyway (your name) is gonna take the pill”

“the pill? The pill still isnt 100 percent, it doesnt protect her from sexually transmitted diseases, and it doesnt 100 percent stop you from getting pregnant, havent you learnt this stuff in school”

“who says I have diseases, wouldnt I know if I was? I havnt had any of those whatever they are called”

“some dont affect men like they do women, you could never know if you have one, and it wouldnt really affect you if you did, and it still isnt a good enough excuse not to use protection, have you even got the pill?” Michele turns to look at you, you just sit there not knowing what to say”i’ll take that as a no then, you better go get some, I dont want to talk about this any more, Austin you’re grounded, (your name) you should go home now” Michele gets up and leaves the kitchen, but before she goes through the door you hear her say “stupid teenagers these these” in a whisper. You and Austin sit there till you are sure she has gone upstairs, you just look at each other, and burst out laughing, as soon as you do you both cover your mouths to try and be quiet.

“oh my god, its like she has never been young” Austin speaks first

“i know, I bet she was just like us at our age”

“probably worse than us”

“yeah, so you going to stay in all week or sneak out?

“is that even a question? Im going to sneak out for sure, I aint staying in all week”

“you will never change will you”


“i better go though, it will give you more time to plan your escape”

“you make it sound like im escaping prison”

“you are though arnt you”

“shut up” he says while laughing “go on go, before my mum come sback down and asums we are fucking”, you get up and grab your things, and go to the door, Austin grabs you before you get to the door though, “hey where is my kiss?” he says, putting his hands on your waist, pushing up against the wall by the door, putting on of his hands on your face, and leaning in the kiss you, for the first time, the kiss feels difference, you feel love in it, and you smile into the kiss,a nd can feel him smiling, “stop that. (your name) leave.” you hear Michele shout from the top of the stairs, Austin stops kissing you and turns around to look at her, she shakes her head and walks off, when she does Austin starts laughing, looking back at you, he looking in your eyes. 

“i love you” he says 

“i love you too” 

“see you tomorrow in school, in the janitors closet”

“oh so you still want some more do you”

“uh-huh I just cant get enough of you baby”

“well i’ll see you there then” 

He kisses you goodbye, again, and then you finally leave.

Austin Mahone | One-Shot | Getting Caught - Part 1 


You wake up to your alarm going off, great another day of school, you get up, do all the normal things to do in the morning, have a shower, get dressed, brush your teeth, have breakfast, just all the normal things, you leave the house, get in your car and drive to school.

Its a short drive to school, you park, get out, and go straight into school, to you locker, you put your things in you locker, you’re about to walk away when someone talks to you.

“hey baby” you hear Austin say, as he hugs you
“hows my beautiful girl today”
“im tired thats what”
“why so tired” he says knowing full well why you are
“you know why”
“oh was it too much for you last night”
“no, I just didnt get to sleep till like 4 cause of you”
“hey its not all my fault you were on the other end of the phone”
“but you kept me on the phone with what you were saying”
“oh so my dirty talk keeps you listening does it”
“shut up”
“you loved it I could tell from all your moaning through you phone, imagine my dick inside you, going in and out, in and out” he whispers while he is close to your face
“Austin stop, not in school”
“oh are you already getting kinky” 
“what NO.”
“oh you are, well guess what I got the house to myself tonight, want to come over and let me do it for real” he winks at you “even though I already know the answer”
“oh really whats the answer then, bet you think its a yes dont you, well what if its not”
“it is a yes cause you cant help it, I just get you all excited, i’ll see you later……in bed” winks and kisses you goodbye, god that boy sometimes.

All through the day all you can think about is the phone sex you had last night with Austin, and whats gonna happen tonight.

When school is over you go home, grab some clothes to take to Austin’s, you know you will be staying the night if h has anything to do with it, then leave for Austin’s.

You get to Austin’s and knock on he door, about a minute later Austin’s answers the dorr with the biggest smile on his face.

“I been waiting for you” he says
“oh I know you have” he holds the door open for you to go in his house. You go to his living room and sit down on the couch. Austin sits next to you.

“want anything to drink?” he asks, while turning the tv on
“no im good, and I thought you were waiting for something else, why are you turn the tv on?”
“oh you want to get right to it do you?”
“well you know, its all I been thinking bout all day, and its most defiantly what you been thinking bout all day”
“how did you know that”
“cause I know you”
“yes you do”

He leans in and kisses you softly, but soon it gets heated, he is on top of you on the couch, you have lost all your clothes but you underwear, and so has he, you can feel his boner through his pants, you know he wants you, and you want him inside you just as much. 

Austin is sucking on your neck, undoing your bra, and throwing it across the room, he kisses down your body, gets to the bottom of you stomach, bites his lip, and pulls down you ‘sexy panties’ as he called them, he kisses up your legs, and you body until he is at your face, he kisses you, you pull his pants off, and as soon as you do he sticks his dick in you, he doesnt even bother putting a condom on, looks like you have to remember to take the morning after pill, dont want to get pregnant now do you, that would be silly, at your age, you dont want to end up on 16 and pregnant, thats a silly show, full of silly teenagers that dont think when they do, well back to the sexy time, he is thrusting in and out of you, at first slowly, but then he gets faster and faster, right now, even people that are like 10 houses away from you can hear you both moaning, “fuck Austin harder” you shout, he gets faster and harder, next thing you know he falls on top of you, both of you out of breath.

“that was great” Austin says between breaths
“yeah” is all you can say
“wanna go again” Austin says while lifting his head to look you in the eye
“what the hell lets go”

Austin, still in you, flips you over so you are on top of him starts kissing you again, and going in and out, you stop kissing him, and sit up, so you a straddling him, he has his hands on you waist, you look down and cant see Austin dick going in and out of your vagina, you look at Austin and see him looking too “fuck this feels so good baby keeps going” he says looking up at you biting his lip, you start going faster on his dick, you moan, and so does he, “oh yeah like that baby” he says, all you can do is moan, once you both hit your climax, you fall on top of him, he wraps his arms around you, and you just lay there with your head on his chest, listening to his heart beat fast.

After a few minutes, you have come down from your climax, Austin mumbles something but you couldnt hear it properly “what you say” you ask, “I love you” you just freeze, did he really just say he loved you, he has never said that before, does he really mean it, or is he just saying it “I mean it, I love you” he says as if he could read your mind, you look in his eyes and say “I love you too” and then you kiss him, you lay back down with your head on his chest.

Later that night you are watching tv, eating pizza, which you ordered, and took forever to come, unlike Austin. 

You decide to take a shower, you go upstairs to the bathroom, and go in the shower, about 5 minutes later, you hear the door of the bathroom open, you know instantly who it is, he couldnt get enough earlier could he, he just wants more “really Austin, cant get enough of me, you want to go for another round, you just love the feel of my vagina round your dick dont you” you shout, but get no reply “just get in here already, let me make you scream and you make me scream again” but still no reply, you throw the shower curtain open “oh come on already Austin just…” you freeze in shock, there standing in the doorway, with a shock expression on her face is Michele, she covers her eyes from looking at you naked, “shit” you mutter, “AUSTIN I NEED TO SPEAK TO YOU NOW” Michele shouts down to Austin, “you too missy” she says pointing at you with her free hand, she walks out and closes the door. All you can think is, shit im not gonna be allowed over here for a while.